Begin by analysing the controllers in your portfolio, include the model and firmware.
The estimated quantity determines the installation timeline.
Depending on your existing IT systems, ModuSolutions will evaluate whether to send data directly to your system or provide a standalone viewer.

You do. The installation process is straightforward. Please see the installation video here.
ModuSolutions offers assistance and training if needed.

Yes. We recommend connecting five to ten elevators with standard interface access, enabling you to evaluate the data we deliver.

Please see the installation video here. Video link
The installation process is quick, around 15 minutes per lift. We supply proper cables and preinstalled SIM cards, so the technician don’t need to improvise on site. The Modu-View Lite is also equipped with magnets for convenient attachment to the controller box. The connected Modu-View Lite runs an auto-setup script autonomously and links to ModuSolutions cloud infrastructure.

Click here to see the complete list of supported controllers. Link to list of controllers.
We are currently working on the following controllers. At the moment we are finalising work on the KONE KCE and Orona Arca 3, Safeline Thor and Lester Almega II.

If your controller is not on the list, please send us a query to receive a timeline of how quickly we can connect it to our cloud.

We have a solution for this. Please be aware that the data available from analogue lifts is minimal. Unless you have many of them, we recommend linking up the digital ones first and leaving the analogues for last.

We can deliver hardware and connect them to our cloud platform as well.

We supply each unit with a pre-installed 4G SIM card. We have partnered up with Telia, the Swedish telecom operator, for our IoT needs in the EU. The Modu-View Lite sends data to the ModuSolutions Cloud, which then travels to you via a standard API. Alternatively, we offer access to our standalone front-end solution. The connection is secured by private APN and VPN with no direct internet access to devices.

For locations outside of the EU, we make country-specific agreements. 

We can install additional sensors depending on your needs. So far, we have installed water sensors in the Netherlands and, in some cases, thermometers in the shaft. 

We connect the Modu-View Lite to both the service port and the field port. Please see the connection schema here.

The hardware unit comes with a 4G SIM card. 4G networks will be around for quite a while. The lifetime of the components is more or less the same as for elevator controllers. 

Our cloud software is continuously optimized. 

ModuSolutions updates Modu-View Lite firmware remotely.

Two ports offer additional security and access to more controller data. Our studies indicate 25 percent of devices connected to a service port get disconnected within a few months. The reason is simple – when the field technician services the lift, he connects the service tool to the service port. In doing so, he disconnects the cable. Unfortunately, very often, he forgets to reconnect the hardware device.

Our system sends an alarm notification to you when the cable is disconnected. You will see it in our front-end module as well.

We begin with regression analysis, then elevate to machine learning. We possess relevant AI know-how should the data complexity require. Given the current type and amount of data from the controllers, AI is overkill.

You data is secure. 

ModuSolutions’ servers are located with the German provider Hetzner Online GmbH. https://www.hetzner.com

Data storage is separated from application, so breaking the application doesn’t offer access to data. Data is backed-up to secondary servers located elsewhere off-site.

Our cloud is behind various firewalls and extremely secure. In addition, we do not store any of your client data, such as address or contact details, on our servers.

Good question. We certainly do not own the data. We store the metadata on your behalf, but do not store any client-specific information. The data is anonymized during integration with your systems for predictive scoring purposes, and ModuSolutions only sees the technical details.

We have a unique product, “ModuSolutions Special Projects”. Such projects entail cooperation between the service company and the venue operator, given the increased security levels. ModuSolutions offers assistance in specific front-end graphics and hardware installation.

We have a unique reseller/partner program. We will be happy to cooperate with your company if you fulfil the requirements. Please send us an email: info@modusolutions.com.

Immediate savings come from:

  1. Knowing when and why a lift has stopped working.
  2. ModuSolutions sends fault codes and clear explanations for fixing the problem. 
  3. Remote control – take over elevators remotely.
  4. Remote assistance – your technical experts assist junior technicians online.
  5. Predictive maintenance – once enough data is collected, we know the probability of when your elevator will stop working.
  6. Transparency to your customers. Your customers have access to the same data as you.

Yes. Various studies show that being transparent with your customer and sharing statistics with them increases customer satisfaction, retention, and spare parts sales. We can recommend the report types you should provide to clients.

Our solutions improve the efficiency of your organisation as a whole. Support and motivation of your field technicians are essential.

Yes. In general, the remote control is identical to taking control of the lift on-site using Modu-Tool, a multi-brand service tool sold by Modusystem BV, or the manufacturer’s service tool. We recommend introducing various steps before you take control remotely.

The device is not available (visible) from the internet. The connection is secured by using private APN and VPN and additional security layer. The part of cloud connected to devices is also not exposed to the internet.

ModuSolutions collects all lift controller metadata: controller status, door open/door close, number of runs, inputs, floor, door zone, cell, floor, any errors and fault codes. We timestamp all messages, so we track the travel time and opening time of doors. The metadata differs by manufacturer.

You can move the Modu-View Lite to another lift in your portfolio if a service contract terminates. 

Or course. ModuSolutions provides an interface illustrating your lift portfolio performance. We recommend project implementation with your lift service provider.

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