Elevator Remote Control

Take control of an elevator remotely from your office. It is the same as using
an elevator service tool, but from the comfort of your office.

elevator predictive maintance

Remote assistance
With all controller data available online, an elevator expert can assist junior technicians in troubleshooting:

  • Repairs in less time
  • Better usage of experienced technician’s skills

Remote reset

  • Reset the elevator remotely
  • In some cases, this can reduce the time to release a stuck passenger in the cabin to a few minutes

Access critical data online

  • Solve technical problems remotely

The generic ModuSolutions remote control panel offers a standard interface for all controller types.

  • Save time
  • Less training
  • Send elevator to a floor
  • Reset
  • Check fault codes and statistics

In addition to our generic view,
we offer
a manufacturer-specific
service tool view. Here
is the front-end view for Otis.

manufacturer-specific service tool view for Otis

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