Elevator Remote Monitoring

Connect any elevator to your service
centre via a small 4G-monitoring device to
reduce the number of service
visits and breakdowns.

elevator predictive maintance

Studies show that
remote monitoring:

  • helps service companies detect abnormal functioning & issues with elevators earlier
  • reduces callout visits by 25-30%
  • increases service quality
  • provides building owners with a sense of security

ModuSolutions remote monitoring
is quick and straightforward
to install:

  • 15-minute installation time
  • all cables and accessories included

It offers easy access
to information that allows your
service company to:

  • manage and monitor your elevator remotely
  • give the building owner or management company reliable statistics
  • obtain information from your elevator 24/7

ModuSolutions collects all controller metadata in the cloud using the Modu-View Lite 4G.

Structured and analyzed data helps run your business more efficiently.

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